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Psychic Memoir

Psychic Memoir

bombyonder or bust

Dingbat. Assbeast. Boomba. And, for some reason, ‘vomit’ and ‘penis’.

While this is clearly a negative review, I consider it complimentary (despite the reviewer’s intention). I do feel bad that she felt obligated to finish reading it and review it when she clearly disliked it so much, but I very much appreciated that she did.

There are parts that seem to tell a quite interesting story – for instance, the book starts and ends with a father creating a ‘kind’ bomb, upon which the daughter murders the father – but this narrative is too fragmented, too much interspersed with incomprehensible lists and separate poems, and this makes it impossible for the reader to follow the narrator. The work contains shrapnels of keen insights, but they are written in too dream-like a manner: these insights appear within a jumble of incoherent messages, the narrator skipping from one to another without differentiating between the profound and the ridiculous. There are words that are repeated so often you’ll start either loving or detesting them. Dingbat. Assbeast. Boomba. And, for some reason, ‘vomit’ and ‘penis’.

Read the entire review here.

Go ahead, mark the secret

if you think that depreciates the want

but think of all those awful musts

as you exhaust the optionals

it doesn’t matter if you leap or limp

what you witnessed, so polite,

defines the end, itself, of all that 

Rebecca Loudon on Bombyonder

“I loved you against all odds and algorithms.”
~Bombyonder, Reb Livingston

In Bombyonder (Bitter Cherry Books), Reb Livingston is not afraid to name the monsters that crowd and clog our neural pathways. Bombyonder is a book devoted to language, to deconstructing the 21st Century…

That unmoved happiness, that withered place where we conceal

this lolling watermark, this crime against lament

lovely in an all consumed blackened whatever

we have become an inked something scrawled by inexact masters

have we tucked in our tails? learned our natures?

I think we’re exactly average lacking a doomsday quality

I think we’ve mastered this stalled faith and

recognize we’re exactly where we think we are

but if I rescue such desire

from a hushed past celebrating 

what’s come to pass

as there is no forward wish

no hard satisfaction deserving this identity

I will turn unhappy 

no longer turn back to the cherished

or the joke that ends with an empty groan

gross lunge toward a prize

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start with the standards

impossible and common

speak to attraction and its protocols

stick to the procedures, the sketches

blurred to an exact art methodically

illuminating a former sheen

a slew of simple wonders

all better viewed on the epidermal surface

haven’t you earned your spa date?

haven’t you earned these wild solutions

flailing like mud?

natural solutions stained with alphanumeric

letters and characters punctuating then

exfoliating a universal right to divert

waking to wind again once again

this supple, inverted approach

trailing a frontier as if it was a derriere


Bombyonder at APR & God Damsel Now Available as Ebook

Some selections from Bombyonder are in the July/August issue of the American Poetry Review:

What needed to be done needed to be done and this now would be a time for a renovation, reboot, an inspirational quote, pee break, an appointment and attention to that which still needed our attention.
The things that we lost: a feather, an orb, parrot, cat, donkey, status, privacy, Heath Ledger, our lice.

Reflection brought the freeze, I looked and it all stopped, I counted, I cried, I preserved, I slept, I woke practically a reptile.

In this issue there’s also work by Lucia Perillo, Denise Duhamel, Charlie Smith, Marcus Jackson, W.S. Merwin, Amy Gerstler, Mira Rosenthal, Jennifer Grotz, Tony Hoagland, Lesley Valdes, Grant Clauser, Arielle Greenberg, Amy Small-McKinney, Bhisham Bherwani, Pamela Sutton and Laurence Lieberman.

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